Hi there! Thanks for swinging in, I’m glad you’re here. While you poke around, I would love to share a bit about who we are and why I’m creating this corner of the internet.

We’re just two people who met in an offbeat way in Alaska, and haven’t beat to a traditional drum since. I am Harley; a twenty-something working gal and I’m kinda into my future husband, who I’ll refer to as D. We are animal lovers and have four furkids: two dogs and two cats who found their way to complete our family.

I am someone who loves to color coordinate and make lists. I love the sound of the rain; sitting by a smoky fire; drinking a creamy cup of coffee; sipping a chilled glass of white wine; curling up with a great book; and breathing in the crisp air a forest shares. I believe that women who wear black live colorful lives. I am still finding my purpose. 

We are busy building our careers and our nest; we are planning our nuptials;  dreaming of pitter-pattering feet; trying to create simplicity in a fast-paced life. We are searching for opportunities to explore, travel, and play amongst it all. I have always enjoyed writing so this where I will stretch out and share. This space is about life, family, and the inevitable adventures curiosity leads us to.

Welcome to Life with Tennant&Co

{In full transparency: depending on what I am excited about, I may provide affiliate links on this blog. This just means that IF you decide to make a purchase using that link I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. It’s essentially a small “thank you,” for the referral. I’ll only share the things that I am actually using and loving and would recommend to my own friends and family. Promise.}